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The "Guide to Resources" was developed to disambiguate, delineate and otherwise give recognition and distinction to orders of merit, orders of chivalry, state orders, national orders, dynastic awards, organizational honors, and self-styled social awards that are recognizable based on their existence and the place they share in the society. Resources is built as a "cross-reference" for this WebSite. The pages contained here are discussed by the Webmaster and provide links, photos and information based on the ongoing process of website development.

Depending on the type of recognition much like Wikipedia only the most viable links are cited here and based on hierarchical values, therefore states or nations that are recognized under variable perspectives may be mentioned or listed multiple times under different categories. Please bear in mind that orders, awards, titles and other decorations are based in recognition, not on creations or imaginary ideals that can only be recognized virtually so all submissions are subject to the WebSite's authors and the MHOTC Commissioners for approval. All information contained here is based on resources found online using the Internet.

All "ORDERS" or "AWARDS" listed in this section are not necessarily defined as "orders" per say, some may be organizations, militias, companies, foundations, honorary titles, or civil societies; the term order is used loosely to include all types of fraternal organizations and forms of recognition that provide explicit, honorary or meritory recognition to its members and/or award recipients. To have your organization or order listed in this section please contact us.

Researched Resources

  • Orders of Merit

  • Orders of Chivalry

  • Orders of Honor

  • City and Regional Awards, Decorations, Orders and Medals

  • State and Provincial Awards, Decorations, Orders and Medals

  • National Awards, Decorations, Orders and Medals

  • International Awards, Decorations, Orders and Medals

  • Corporate and Organization Awards, Decorations, Orders and Medals

Wikipedia Resources

Map of Kentucke
Map of the Country of Kentucke