Donate to Make a Difference

The Transylvania Colonel Commission is an award that is granted through an honorary international civil service officership with the International Ambassador Foundation as an individual goodwill or advocacy ambassador with letters patent that is certified, registered, notarized or apostilled.

The award is warranted to individuals either for making a discretionary contribution to a charitable endeavor, community project, to improve the natural environment, or to a non-profit sustainable development program operated by other Transylvania Colonels working as goodwill ambassadors. Or by supporting our efforts in Madison County, Kentucky the former capital of Transylvania. Or by being nominated by another Transylvania Colonel based on their own service as a goodwill ambassador, global citizen or by being a member of another order based on a noteworthy deed or selfless act on the behalf of another.

Donations are Needed to Grow an Organization

Our organization is considered by the IRS to be operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare because we are primarily engaged in promoting the common good and general welfare of the people of the community and for projects we develop internationally. Our net earnings not used for providing membership services (fees and dues) are exclusively used for charitable, cultural, educational, environmental, historical, and recreational purposes in Madison County and abroad through our colonels international projects.

Understanding that membership is seperate from donations, members should understand as well that the services we provide to members are not necessarily tax-deductible as donations or treated as such. The strength of our development and image in the community is based on how much we can raise during a given year to provide services and develop new programs. Our members serve a critical role to humbly provide funding for these endeavors, while boosting the organization as an ambassador by promoting its purposes and helping acquire new members in the order to elevate the organization's profile in the community. The success of the organization depends as much on donations as it does on its membership programs. You can donate here.