Transylvania Colonel Commission

The Transylvania Colonel Commission is an award that is granted through an honorary international civil service officership as a goodwill ambassador with letters patent which is officially notarized for US residents or apostilled by the Secretary of State for international residents.

The award is warranted to individuals either for making a discretionary contribution to a charitable endeavor, community project, to improve the natural environment, or to a non-profit sustainable development program operated by other Transylvania Colonels working as goodwill ambassadors internationally.

It is also given as a result of supporting our local efforts in Madison County, Kentucky the former capital of Transylvania. Or by being nominated by another Transylvania Colonel based on their own service as a goodwill ambassador, global citizen or by being a member of another order based on a noteworthy deed or selfless act on the behalf of another.

Those who receive the award are legally recognized professionally in the public and private sectors of society with a notary certificate or an apostilles certificate which is registered and mailed with the award. Optionally the recipient can receive a gold plated, silver plated or bronze brevet in the form of a medallion or medal depicting the founding of Transylvania depending on the degree or impact of their participation and philanthropy. All members will receive an inlaid insignia pin for the 250th anniversary in 2025.

Apostilles Certificate
Notary Certificate

Additional Information about the Commission

Commissions are awarded to those who either already hold one or more honorary titles which apply to be recognized by joining the Most Honorable Order directly or those who are nominated by title holders who are our members and warranted by our Board of Commissioners. Appointments to the Most Honorable Order of the Transylvania Colonel are for life based on the recipient performing an act or a good deed that can be duly recognized with an honorary international civil service officership.

Recipients of the award are eligible to join the society which provides membership services and engages in goodwill work internationally through our foundation which manages programs developed by members and approved by our commissioners.

All those recognized by the Most Honorable Order are considered International Goodwill Ambassadors and their names are subscribed in our international database and public registry. Those who join the organization receive additional opportunities for recognition, nominations for other awards and volunteer participation online.