Harrodstown, Transylvania

Harrodstown Kentucky's First Settlement

Harrodsburg is known as Kentucky's oldest established township. It was founded in 1774 by Colonel (Captain) James Harrod one of the delegates of the Transylvania Convention.

George Canning Hill, "In 1773 a party of surveyors went to Kentucky headed by Captain Thomas Bullitt. This party included Harrod, Taylor, Bullitt and McAfee. The next year Captain James Harrod at the head of a body of 40 men came down the Ohio in the month of May from the Monongahela and proceeded to lay out the town then known as Harrodstown. They laid out the place in lots of half an acre each and allowed for each another outlying lot of five acres, a liberal style of setting a new town on foot and proving the land was to be had in plenty..."

James Harrod's Cabin

Kentucky's First Cabin by Jas. Harrod

Harrodsburg was first the county seat of Fincastle County, Virginia, then Kentucky County Virginia. When Kentucky County was divided into the counties of Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln, Harrodsburg was the county seat of Lincoln County, which at that time covered over a third of the soon to be state.