Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Transylvania Colonel?

A Transylvania Colonel is someone who understands the origins of American Colonelcy, the modern role of the civilian colonel and how the "colonel" became the highest authority in Western Virginia at the beginning of the American Revolution, the founding of Transylvania and the establishment of the Kentucky Magna Charta in 1775. A Transylvania Colonel is a knowledgeable authority on the origins of Colonelcy in the Americas and witnesses to the Transylvania Convention and the Founding of Kentucky.

What is the Most Honorable Order?

The Most Honorable Order of the Transylvania Colonel is a historical order of merit, foundation and civil society dedicated to history, environmental affairs, indigenous peoples and human rights in Madison County Kentucky former home of the capital of Transylvania and internationally support sustainable development programs engaging indigenous peoples and colonels.

Why the Transylvania Colonel?

The Transylvania Colonel is the unsung hero and the inspiration of the founding of Kentucky. Based on the good honorable intent created by these first colonels and the Revolutionary War, in 1776 John Bowman, Lieutenant-Colonel with the Transylvania Company was selected to go see the governor of the Colony of Virginia. He returned to Transylvania in January 1777 as Colonel John Bowman of Kentucky County, Virginia; he was charged with raising a militia and establishing a Commonwealth government. Of course, Col. Bowman's friendship with the Transylvanians facilitated their adoption of Commonwealth Law based in the Kentucky Magna Charta and all the reasonable land claims were honored. Bowman also made most of the colonels from Transylvania into Lieutenant-Colonels, Daniel Boone was put in charge of Fayette County when it emerged. Everyone in the region was attentive and considerate to the actions of the colonels and their lieutenants.

How do I become a Colonel?

To become a Transylvania Colonel you must already be a Kentucky Colonel or hold an award that can be connoted as Honorable; then you must know one of our members because only a Transylvania Colonel can make another colonel his/her lieutenant and nominate them.

What is the Honorable title?

The honorable title is quite literally when a head-of-state recognizes or proclaims a person as "HONORABLE" preceding their name. Most often the person becomes the person named in the commission under letters patent with the title "KENTUCKY COLONEL", "TENNESSEE COLONEL", "ARKANSAS TRAVELLER", etc. Some states issue proclamations and others issue commissions. To become a member of the Transylvania Colonels you must already be recognized as "Honorable".

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