A Colony Started by Colonels

Transylvania is commemorated on May 23rd because it was on that day after establishing Boonesborough that the delegates and leaders from other parts of Transylvania arrived to meet in order to hold a Constitutional Convention. Among the events that occurred on this day bewilder the imagination in terms of the use of today's language and terms. The three key figures were pioneers and civilian "Colonels" Judge Richard Henderson, Daniel Boone, and Thomas Slaughter.

The Convention was held at the end of the Wilderness Road under what has become known as the "Divine Elm" tree which was declared by Col. Richard Henderson as the "Church, State-house, and Council Chamber" for the 14th colony of North America. It was on this day that the primary delegates were commissioned as Col. Henderson's representative statesmen from four settlements Harrods Town, Boiling Springs and St. Asaph's, each sent its delegates to Boonesborough to establish the government of Transylvania.

Boonesborough 23 May, "Eighteen delegates met in session under a gigantic elm, and were addressed by Colonel Henderson. They organized a government and passed sundry laws, under his advice, providing for courts of law, for regulating the militia, fixing clerks' and sheriffs' fees, issuing writs of attachment, prohibiting profane swearing or Sabbath breaking, for the protection of game, for improving the breed of horses, to prohibit firing the range, and guaranteeing complete religious freedom and the toleration of all sects."

"Near this site, close to the walls of the fort, stood the "Divine Elm", a majestic tree, under whose boughs 100 persons could be seated. The old tree served as both council chamber and church in the development of this state. On May 23, 1775, it was site of the first legislative session held in Kentucky, presided over by Colonel Richard Henderson.

Colonel Richard Henderson

Colo. Richard Henderson was a man of great vision one of the founders of the Louisa Company which changed its name to the Transylvania Company who oversaw the formation and development of a treaty with the Cherokee for the unexplored lands beyond the Appalachian Mountains.

Colonel Thomas Slaughter

Thomas Slaughter was elected at the Constitutional Convention of Transylvania by the delegates

Colonel Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone a former militia captain under Lord Dunmore was commissioned by Col. Judge Richard Henderson of the Transylvania Company to blaze the Wilderness Road which stretched from North Carolina to what is known today as Madison County, Kentucky at Fort Boonesborough which was the capital of Transylvania in 1775.

The Transylvanians

Boonesborough—Squire Boone, Daniel Boone, William Cocke, Samuel Henderson, William Moore, and Richard Calloway.

Harrodsburg—Thomas Slaughter, John Lythe, Valentine Harmond, and James Douglas.

Boiling Spring Settlement—James Harrod, Nathan Hammond, Isaac Hite and Azariah Davis,

The Town of St. Asaph—John Todd, Alexander Spotswood Dandridge, John Floyd, and Samuel Wood.