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This organization is being developed based on a recognized and genuine need for a true membership association for colonels as honorary commissioned officers, goodwill ambassadors and to represent civil order. It is being developed as a voluntary mutual benefit cooperative society to unite in such a way that its members can extend benefits and privileges to one another legally, formally, and transparently as an independent decentralized civil association notwithstanding the state or other jurisdictional authorities.

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Our official classification based on Wikipedia's definition of an membership organization is a common-interest association, society or voluntary association.

About Membership

The organization is open to all those who have been awarded an honorary title from a head of state, a secretary of state, an international non-governmental organization or is a member of another order. Those who have not yet been commissioned or are seeking a commission are not permitted to receive membership benefits until their nomination is approved, nominees are normally approved or denied within two to six (2-6) months.

The Order of the Transylvania Colonel is legally developed as a non-governmental organization (NGO) and non-state international civil society organization (iCSO) as defined by the U.S. State Department, under the US Code of Federal Regulations 11 CFR § 114.7, 11 CFR §§ 100.134(e), (f), and is compliant with the Model Nonprofit Corporation Act (MNCA). Members are expected to understand the bylaws and our constitution in order to receive membership benefits. These benefits include voting privileges, subscriptions, identification, recognition, online services, professional development, training, and direct network contact with other members to take actions on the behalf of the organization. All members are considered volunteers and are protected under the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 from civil liability with the exception of acts of negligence.

The purposes for which we are established is to create a strong and unified group based on professionalism, courtesy, good manners, dignity, respect, and integrity as goodwill ambassadors and advocates of a fair civil society. All members are considered officers of our international civil society organization and are expected to contribute to its prestige and prosperity as the organization's official ambassadors.

Diplomatically speaking, all of our members that have received commissions are entitled to use the "Honorable" title before their name or the honorific title of "Colonel" or "Other Title" and the position of "Goodwill Ambassador" or "Transylvania Colonel" preceded by a comma following their name.

For example:

  • Honorable or Hon. (First name) (Middle initial) (Last name), Goodwill Ambassador

  • Colonel or Col. (First name) (Middle initial) (Last name), Transylvania Colonel

As a non-state international civil society organization, the International Ambassador Foundation does not discriminate based on religion, race, ethnicity, cultural background, gender, national identity, or socioeconomic status. We are a nonpolitical, nonreligious, nongovernmental, nonmilitary and now non-state group of civilians. We do discriminate based on actions not becoming our morals and code of ethics as a civilian ambassador corps; belonging to our organization is a privilege and not a right. All grievances must be directed to our Secretary formally in writing.

Costs of Membership

Anyone who is nominated as a Transylvania Colonel can join the American Colonel's Network and the Transylvania Colonels by paying the dues and making an annual donation. Anyone who is a member of another order, already has a title they want to have recognized, or has been recognized with letters patent, an honorary commission or a proclamation from a head of state, secretary of state or other sovereign authority may join themselves as a Supporting Member or higher and will be automatically nominated by the commissioners.

  • Founding Member — Founders (Benefactors) donate $5,000 or more to contribute to the foundation and may be selected as commissioners.

  • Patron Member — Patron members donate $2,500 to contribute to the foundation. There are no dues or special duties.

  • Sponsoring Member — Sponsoring members must donate between $300 - $1,000 per year and pay $180 per year in dues.

  • Supporting Member — Supporting members are expected to donate between $100 - $250 per year to the foundation and pay $150 per year in dues.

  • Annual Member — Annual members are generally expected to donate $50 or more and pay $120 per year in dues to sustain and better develop the organization.

  • Nominated Member — Nominated members are entitled to receive newsletters and email, but have no dues, username, IDaaS credential and cannot vote until they make an initial donation of $50 or more to get a subscription to our network.

Voting privileges are granted based on being current with membership dues since joining us or since your last donation to the foundation. All Patron and Founder level memberships are automatically included and are not required to pay annual dues.

Membership Benefits

Those who are nominated are informed that their certificate is being prepared and that we are requesting their street address, city state country and zip code for mailing it and make them aware who nominated them. We will provide nominees the opportunity to have their certificate notarized or apostilled for a service fee, register their certificate for a registration fee, and/or join the organization for a membership fee. Nominees who decline to reply will have their certificate provided to the nominator or they will be mailed directly to the recipient if within the United States at no cost.

All nominees receive an original numbered full color oversized 10"x 15" lithographed certificate with a green ribbon and gold foil embossed seal in a mailing tube.

Members who join us get:

  • Full access to the American Colonel's Network and International Ambassador Foundation to be nominated for other awards or participate in their programs.

  • A unique IDaaS Credential giving them access to Private Groups and Network Communications offered through G-Suite by Google.

  • International Registration as a Goodwill Ambassador.

  • A Notary Certificate or Apostille Certificate. (Depending on where you live.)

  • Access to all of our Research Materials including many e-books.

  • Printed membership identification card with personal data.

  • Insignia pin and jacket/hat patch.

  • Invitation to the 250th Celebration of the Founding of Transylvania.

Most Honorable Order of the Transylvania Colonel (MHOTC) is an independent commission and componential program sponsored by Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation of Berea, Kentucky; a Madison County based 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization dedicated to its principles.